The growing popularity of boxing for fitness has meant a corresponding increase in the number of excellent boxing gyms throughout the country. Similarly, the number of fitness clubs that offer non-contact boxing instruction has grown significantly. That said, everyone has favorites. And while I’m admittedly far too New York-centric, here are my two favorite boxing gyms.

Gleason’s Gym

Gleason’s Gym (Brooklyn, NY) is among the leading boxing gyms in the world and owner Bruce Silverglade is among the nicest, hardest-working people in the game. The atmosphere at Gleason’s is welcoming, the trainers very experienced. Gleason’s is home to several professional champions as well as many pro contenders and leading amateurs. However, recreational boxers comprise the majority of the clientele and Bruce and his staff have created an environment where the recreational boxer can feel especially comfortable.

Importantly, legendary trainer Bob Jackson is based at Gleason’s. Bob has trained successful boxers for more than fifty years. His charges have included current heavyweight world title contender Oleg Maskaev, former world bantamweight and super-bantamweight champ Junior Jones, former heavyweight contender Chuck Wepner, former USBA junior welterweight champ Raul Frank and additional pro contenders and Golden Gloves champs too numerous to count. At the moment Bob is especially focused on the continued development of rising pro heavyweight Derrick Rossy (11-0 with 7 KO’s at this writing).

Bob gives his greenest novices and recreational boxers the same care and respect he gives his established pros. He created the term “white-collar boxing” in the early eighties and ran Saturday training sessions for recreational boxers at the Gramercy Gym long before boxing for fitness “crossed over” to a larger audience. While Bob imparts boxing technique with an effectiveness that can only come from so many years of experience, he also shares his unique wisdom; about the game and about life. His boxers love him for it and you will too. Ask for Bob through Bruce or call Bob directly at 718-834-9387.

Another trainer I’ve worked closely with at Gleason’s and who has developed leading amateurs and professionals over many years is Angel Rivera. Ask for Angel through Bruce.

Trinity Boxing

Owner and trainer Martin Snow is a fellow Al Gavin/Bob Jackson alumnus. Martin and his staff offer a unique and refreshing point of view on recreational boxing; one that is well-embodied on the Trinity website. The physical facility is also impressive; new equipment and fixtures but with a great old-school look.

Separately, I also recommend trainer Stuart Bakal. Stuart trained under Bob Jackson, is focused on recreational boxers and has a large group of satisfied clients. He can be reached directly at 973-819-4619.

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There is to my knowledge no national, comprehensive, continually updated directory of boxing gyms. However, the leading Internet search engines are a great help. For example, entering “New York City Boxing Gyms” or “Los Angeles Boxing Gyms,” etc., on Google turns up a significant number of helpful links.

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Max Boxing
15 Rounds

There are many excellent boxing news and analysis sites. Those listed above are among the sites I visit regularly, with MaxBoxing and Fight News at the top of my list. MaxBoxing charges a modest subscription fee. However, the fight and training footage and in-camp interviews are very helpful to boxers at all levels and make the investment more than worthwhile.

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BoxRec is a godsend for managers and promoters, as well as for serious fans who want to know “who exactly did that guy fight and who did each of his opponents fight?” Be careful. If you’re a serious boxing fan this site can be addictive.

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USA Boxing

USA Boxing is the national governing body for amateur boxing. Its membership page includes links to state and local associations.

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Title Boxing
Everlast Boxing
G & S Sporting Goods
Grant Boxing
The Sports Doctor

Every trainer and fighter has their own equipment brand preferences and as you experience various brands you’ll of course develop yours. The companies listed above are all trusted in the game, although the list is by no means exhaustive. Additional brands to consider, apparently not yet with their own websites, are Reyes and Spartan. A few of the sites above carry these brands.

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